BeeLife is non-profit organisation that strives to save and protect pollinators throughout the EU.

About the NGO: Beelife

BeeLife European Beekeepers Association focuses on the environmental complications that affect pollinators negatively. Their main focus is bees and how the agricultural system is ruining their habitats. They have three main goals as listed on their website:

  • Achieve a Risk Assessment of pesticides on bees that recognizes all existing routes of exposure in a chronic form.

  • Re-evaluating pesticides taking into account the amendments proposed in Risk Assessment.

  • Improving collaborations between pollinators and agriculture, ensuring a win-win situation for sustainability and food security.


Global headquarter: Belgium

Local headquarter:

Other locations:

Board of directors: Fransesco Panella; Frank Aletru; Constantin Dobrescu; Etienne Bruneau; Henri Clément; Anna Ganapini; Lasse Helander; Michael Rubinigg

International history of NGO


  • 2013: The Beelife organisation was started in 2013 and founded by many different collaborators such as beekeepers and beekeeper’s associations. The NGO started working at an European level.

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The organisation: bee-life

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