Compassion in World Farming

Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) is an international animal welfare organization founded in the UK in 1967. It campaigns internationally for the rights of farm animals and calls for sustainable changes in animal treatment and agriculture.

About the NGO: Compassion in World Farming

CIWF was founded in 1967 by Peter and Anna Roberts, who were involved in farming themselves. Due to the deteriorating conditions of animals in intensive agriculture and the rise of factory farming, the couple founded the animal welfare organization “Compassion in World Farming”.

Today, the organization is one of the largest animal welfare organizations in the world and is active internationally. It speaks out against the export of live animals, certain methods of slaughtering animals and against all forms of factory farming. Through political lobbying and information campaigns, CIWF draws attention to abuses in animal welfare and agriculture.

Compassion in World Farming was the initiator of the successful ECI ” End the Cage Age “.

CIWF has offices in the UK, the Netherlands, Italy, France, Poland, the US, Brussels (EU office) and China. Representatives of the organization are located in Czech Republic, Spain, Germany, South Africa and Sweden.


Global headquarter: Godalming (England)

Local headquarter:

Other locations:

Board of directors: Valerie James; Sir David Madden; Sarah Petrini; Edward Bourne; Joyce D’Silva; A. Jeremy Hayward; Mahi Klosterhalfen; Josphat Ngonyo Kisul; Professor Joy Carter

International history of NGO


  • 1967: CIWF is founded in Godalming, England

Northworthy results

  • 2007: CIWF wins the BBC Radio 4 Food and Farming Award for Best Food Campaign.
  • 2009 : CIWF wins the Broadcast Digital Award for best use of interactivity for their website “Chicken Out!”
  • 2011: CIWF wins the Third Sector Excellence Award for its annual report
  • 2011: CIWF wins The Observer’s Ethical Award in the Campaign of the Year category.

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