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With Our Only Home we strive to enable positive change in the world by connecting and empowering changemakers. On our website, we offer an overview of NGOs and projects working on different topic areas so that people can get involved more easily.  We believe many NGOs aim at doing great things, but they need support to achieve their goals. We know that many people are interested in getting involved but do not know where or how to find the right organisation to support. That is our main goal: we want to empower changemakers by connecting them to NGOs that drive positive change. Our mission is simple: we provide transparent information on organisations and their projects accessible to everyone to make it easier to navigate in the NGO landscape. By doing so, we want to create a community that leads positive change.

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Our Philosophy

The work of Our Only Home is based on a philosophy including three overall principles: 

1. Focus on positive change 

2. Fairness 

3. Passive empowerment

Firstly, our purpose is to inform people about organisations and projects that enhance positive change on our planet. Therefore, we communicate openly about our positive change principle: Positive change includes anything that can be considered altruistic, inclusive, empathic and sustainable – no matter the extent in size, geography or time. We include organisations and projects that strive to make the world more sustainable, peaceful, inclusive and enhance equality. 

Secondly, in order to make sure that ‘Our Only Home’ itself is contributing to positive change, we do not systematically advantage or disadvantage specific organisations or projects. This is why we operate on the basis of a fairness principle: We ensure strict research ethics, do not provide NGO ratings and strive to provide information so people can form their own opinions. 

Lastly, our goal is to empower people around the globe by making it easier for them to get involved in purpose-driven activism, charity and philanthropy. We believe that everyone at some point in life feels the desire to contribute to positive change. This is why we want to enable people who already found their passion to become changemakers by equipping them with the information they need to become involved. At the same time we want to provide the necessary information for people who try to find out about projects and organisations so they can become active in issues that are close to their hearts. Therefore, we work according to our principle of passive empowerment: We are a provider of information and transparency for people who seek it.

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