Our Only Home is a registered Danish socialeconomic enterprise. We offer advertisement and marketing services to credible organisations promoting a good cause. Our Only Home is non-profit which means that we every year donate back the remaining profits i accordence with our stakeholder democracy.

Digital advertisement

We offer the following types of digital advertisement:

  • Display ads (segmented based on countries)
  • Podcast ads (15-20 second messages)
  • Featured content (dedicated articles, podcast episodes, newsletters and social media posts)

Marketing consultancy

As a media-platform Our Only Home has talented marketeers who can help You develop and execute your next marketing campaign. We are here to help whether you want to engage the local community from with a cheap campaign, or you want to run a full fetch multi channel national campaign.


You can find our services and prices by joining our platform, if you represent an NGO, otherwise you can contact us.

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