Conditions to join Our Only Home

How can to get your NGO on the Our Only Home platform.


As we describe in the About us section, Our Only Home wants to contribute to positive change in the world. Of course, this is not an objective process and what is considered positive or negative can differ from person to person.

For us, positive change is anything that follows altruistic, social, inclusive and sustainable principles and has as its main goal to improve the livelihood of people, animals or protect our planet. According to these principles, we choose which organisations and projects appear on our website. We apply high research standards and talk to organisations to assess as thoroughly as possible whether an organisation follows the principles we support.

If you think that your organisation supports our goals, you can learn how to submit a NGO profile for Our Only Home. Our researchers will then verify the information and, if successful, you will appear on our website. This process is necessary to ensure that we can create a community that leads positive change and empowers as many people as possible to take part in this journey.

This also implies that we strictly reject all kinds of discrimination, racism, sexism and queerphobia, as well as the neglection or denial of climate change and its negative consequences for our planet and its inhabitants.

Guide: Create or access NGO profile

Follow our guide on how to get access to an existing NGO profile or create a new one.

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