Volunteering community manager

Jobtype: Volunteering

Workload: Minimum 7 hours per week

Location: Copenhagen

Start: Not specified

Volunteering community manager, Our Only Home

Our Only Home is a Socio-economic startup who set out to make it easier for motivated people to find the right NGO to volunteer or support. We aim to do so through our internet platform and local/international newsoutlets.

So far most of our progress has been achieved by our awesome volunteers! But we need somebody to take our volunteering community to the next level.

About the Position

You will firstly be in charge of founding our volunteering community – which mean that you will be responsible of figuring out how we should attract new volunteers and make sure that the existing ones are happy and feel part of a community. You will also be in charge of defining which workareas we need volunteers, how a volunteering position includes as a minimum and what we can offer the volunteers in return of their help. Finally You’ll be in responsible of recruting new volunteers and make sure that there’re regular meetups where they can contribute to our project and be part of the new community.

About you

  • You are idealistic and want to help make a positive difference through your work
  • You are social and emphatic
  • You are outgoing and not afraid to reach out to people and potential partners


  • Define the different volunteering positions
  • Define a typical volunteering experience
  • Manage monthly volunteer gettogethers
  • Recruit and manage volunteers

Contact and application

We would love to hear from you both if you have any questions.

Applications can be sent to ngb@ouronlyhome.eu.

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