Equal right to treatment during a global pandemic!

Everyone has equal right to treatment during a global pandemic

Now you have the chance to sign the ongoing citizens’ initiative “Right to cure” which fights for the equal right to treatment of every individual to get the Covid-19 vaccine and much more!

Written by Lea Gormsen // 24.09.2021

Right to treatment with a vaccine

This European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) entered the race on the 21st of August 2020 in the midst of the global covid19 pandemic. The organizers of this petition believe that all of us should have a right to treatment with the vaccine without it costing a fortune.

An ECI is a mechanism for EU citizens to get involved in EU policymaking. For an initiative to be successful, the organizers need to collect 1 million signatures from citizens of at least 7 different EU countries. If they succeed the European Commission must listen and consider their proposition.

In some countries the vaccine treatment is not distributed by the government but by private companies. This means that the global emergency-situation that we find ourselves in where millions of people are dying and falling ill, the big pharmaceutical companies are making money on. They know that people need this vaccine, and they can monetise the price of the vaccine after this need.

Simultaneously, the organizers state that the vaccine development and production has been paid for by the taxpayers, and that is why they should have right for treatment free of charge.

Furthermore, the initiative also works to make sure that the process of developing the vaccines is public. This means production costs, public contributions, and the effectiveness and safety of the vaccine, should be transparent information to the public eye. Also, the contracts between the authorities and the pharmaceutical companies must be made public.

to stay safe, free covid vaccine for everybody is a must

The future of the initiative?

By now the ECI has 217.633 signatures and is still missing about 800.000 signatures. One important supporter the ECI has required is the European Parliament left wing. The left fully supports the initiative and understands that everybody should have right to treatment with the vaccines. Along with the left wing many other organizations from many different countries have joined the fight. Will you too?

You can sign the initiative here and follow any updates on the initiative on Our Only Home’s website.


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