How did the EU Commission answer to “End the Cage Age”?

Sophia Stille // 29.04.2022

In the fourth episode of our Podcast “Who will save Our Planet” we talk about the reaction of the European Commission to the End the Cage Age ECI. Our guest, Esben Sloth from the organisation World Animal Protection, tells us about his assessment of the answer, what he expects to come in the future and how changing our food production systems are also a matter of security.

What did the answer of the Commission entail?

In June 2021, the Commission published its answer to the End the Cage Age ECI, and as we described success on the way to stop caged farming in eu, it was a milestone announcement on the way to more animal welfare in the EU. The EU committed to

  • drafting a legislative proposal by 2023 to phase out and eventually prohibit the use of cages for farm animals in the EU by 2027. This includes animal species that were referred to in the initiative: laying hens, sows, calves, rabbits, pullets, broiler breeders, layer breeders, quail, ducks and geese.
  • ensuring that all products imported into the EU comply with these cage-free standards
  • implementing mechanisms for EU farmers to adjust to these changes

What do these announcements mean for farmers, consumers and animals in the EU? Sophia and Esben discuss these questions in the podcast episode, which is available on all common podcast platforms and here on our website. We hope you enjoy it!

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