How to lead an EU-wide campaign to ban cages for animals: with Olga Kikou (CIWF)

Sophia Stille & Olga Kikou // 04.04.2022

For our third podcast episode we had the pleasure to talk to Olga Kikou (LinkedIn) who is heading the EU office of the organisation ‘Compassion in World Farming’ (CIWF). They led the EU-wide campaign ‘End the Cage Age’ and in this episode Olga shares her experiences and hopes for the future with us.

A new episode of our Podcast “Who will save Our Planet?” is now available! In an interview with Olga Kikou, who is the Head of the EU office of the organisation ‘Compassion in World Farming’ (CIWF), we learn about the process of organizing the End the Cage Age ECI. CIWF was the initiator of the initiative and Olga shares her knowledge and experiences about planning an ECI, challenges and surprises during the process, as well as hopes for future policies that affect animals in the EU.

As you can learn about in the previous episode, the End the Cage Age ECI has been a successful initiative that aims at banning cage farming for a lot of different animal species in the EU, such as chickens, ducks, geese, pigs and cows. After the signature collection and a hopeful answer from the European Commission it seems like everything went smoothly and from one year to another the lives of so many animals could be improved immensely. However, this was of course a lot of work by many people and organisations. In this episode we talk about the work of organizing and ECI, what to keep in mind and which challenges came up along the way.

We hope you enjoy it!

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