New podcast – “What are ECIs?”

We are happy to announce that our Podcast “Who will save Our Planet?” is now available on all common podcast platforms! With this podcast we want to further contribute to our mission of inspiring people by presenting projects and initiatives that are carried out by NGOs and civil society to make the world a better place. 

When watching the news, we often hear about the sad things happening in the world every day and this can easily let one be frustrated about how humanity destroys the planet and its inhabitants. But outside of the spotlight, there are also a lot of inspiring and world-changing initiatives happening at the same time! We want to give these projects, and the actors who drive them more visibility. In our podcast, we talk to NGO representatives and experts to spread the word about the inspiring initiatives and projects they are working on. The first episode is a bit different from the rest since we are introducing the European Citizens Initiative mechanism and some inspiring initiatives. 
The goal is to contribute to positive change in this world and inspire people to become active as well. Since the world is a diverse place and people care about different causes, we cover various areas from animal welfare to human rights and equality in order to reach as many people as possible. By this we want to make it possible for everyone to learn more and  invest their energy in a cause close to their hearts.

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