Save Bees and Farmers ECI: Why we need to transform our agricultural system

Sophia Stille // 20.05.2022

With a perfect timing, as it is “World Bee Day” today, the next episode of our Podcast “Who will save Our Planet?”, introduces the “Save Bees and Farmers” initiative which was launched in September 2019. The organisers of the initiative came together as a broad coalition of farmers, beekeepers, activists, politicians, associations, NGOs and research institutions to speak with one voice in order to start a transformation of the way we produce food. Our current agricultural system is not sustainable, as it endangers many animal species because of the high use of synthetic pesticides. At the same time it puts unbearable pressure on farmers as they have to be more and more efficient in order to compete with big agribusinesses. 

The “Save Bees and Farmers” Initiative has three main demands

  • To phase-out the use of synthetic pesticides in the EU by 2035
  • To introduce measures to recover our biodiversity in agricultural areas
  • To support farmers financially in the transition to agro-ecological farming

In this episode, Sophia introduces the ECI and the background topic of our agricultural system more in detail. She talks about how our agriculture transformed into what it is today, what synthetic pesticides actually are and what the Save Bees and Farmers Initiative wants to change. If you want to read more about the initiative, we already published an article back in 2021, which you can find here. We hope you enjoy the listen!

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