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The organisation Slowfood is a global network of local communities that envision a good, clean and fair production of food that is accessible for everyone and respects the environment.

About the NGO: Slow food

The organisation was founded in Bra, Italy and fights for sustainable food production that recognises the strong connection between plate, planet, people, politics and culture. It is differentiated in three main entities each having their own focus:

1. The international non-profit Slow Food Association founded in 1986
2. The Slow Food Foundation for biodiversity with the goal to support projects that defend food biodiversity and traditions
3. Terra Madre Foundation to support the growth of a sustainable network of food communities, chefs, academics and youth

The organisation involves more than a million people in more than 160 countries and carries out thousands of active projects. Slow Food has national branches in different countries all over the world, some of them being Italy, USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, South Korea and Netherlands.


Global headquarter: Bra (Italy)

Local headquarter: United Kingdom; USA; Japan; Germany; Switzerland; Netherlands; Italy; South Korea

Other locations:

Board of directors: Carlo Petrini; Alice Waters; Edie Mukiibi; Sun Qun

International history of NGO


  • 1986: Slow Food is created after an intended demonstration in front of McDonald’s in Rome.
  • 1989: The international Slow Food movement is founded and a manifesto is signed.
  • 1992: Slow Food Germany is founded.
  • 1993: Slow Food Zwitserland is founded.
  • 2000: Slow Food USA is founded. Their project Presidia starts.
  • 2003: The Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity is formed.
  • 2004: Slow Food Japan is created.
  • 2006: Slow Food UK is created.
  • 2008: Slow Food Netherlands is formed. A global network of farmers’ markets, called Earth Markets, is created.
  • 2015: Slow Food Great China is created.
  • 2018: The first edition of Terra Madre Nordic takes place in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Northworthy results


  • Slow Food has been criticised for being too elitist – since not everyone has the money to buy locally grown organic food.

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