TILT – the change making network

NGO overview

TILT – The ChangeMaking Network is a movement established to make sure that the EU is not only making political decisions for the few, but for all of us.

Who is TILT – the change making network

TILT – The ChangeMaking Network was founded by the European Greens Party. This network was  in the works for 1,5 year before it was properly established. The network aims to move local advocates to take action on the world’s current issues, especially corruption and carbon emissions. They believe that if people come together change can happen.

TILT have acces to the Green policy experts and the European Parliament because they were founded by European Greens Party. This makes the network quite unique.

Official mission TILT – the change making network

Together, we can make real change happen. Together, we can tilt the world back into place

How can you help?

If you are curious about other actors, you can compare organizations with our List of Bitish NGOs. It is the easiest way to find relevant organizations working with the topics you are interested in.


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